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So Soft. So Fresh.

Gain Sunflower Fresh Fabric Softener brings the best of bright, warm, fresh scent and irresistible softness to every load of laundry. Indulge yourself with a sensory experience of gotta-sniff-it freshness and gotta-touch-it softness. The power of Aromaboost™ technology means that scent will last, because every movement and every touch of your clothes surrounds you with even more captivating, sunflower-fresh scent. Don’t just soften your laundry, take yourself to sunny fields of sunflowers with every load.

So Soft. So Fresh.

A Softener Suited for All Washing Machine Types

Everyone deserves a sensory celebration of freshness and softness in every load of laundry. That’s why Gain Sunflower Fresh Fabric Softener is designed to work with every kind of machine, and every kind of detergent. Top-loading or front-loading, high-efficiency or not, simply add to your machine’s fabric softener compartment, or add manually before the rinse cycle begins. The cap makes measuring easy, so you’ll always get the right amount for your most sniffable, touchable experience.

Gain Sunflower Fresh Fabric Softener works in top and front load washes

A Softener Suited for All Washing Machine Types

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