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How to use Fabric Softenerflower

Having softer clothes and incredible-smelling laundry may seem unnecessary for some people. That’s why fabric softener is often overlooked. But it does more than the name implies. Besides adding softness to your fabrics, it helps you get rid of many laundry problems. If you want to prevent clothes from pilling, break down bad odors, and reduce static and wrinkles, Gain Fabric Softener is the answer to all your laundry problems.

In this article, we will learn how to use fabric softener to make you feel like you are on cloud nine with its incredible softness and the smell of your favorite Gain scent.

What is Fabric Softener, and How Does It Work?

A simple way to describe fabric softener is that it is a conditioner for your laundry. It’s made to lubricate your fabric fibers and add softness and freshness to your clothes. It also helps to reduce static, eliminate wrinkles, and keep your clothes from looking worn by preventing pilling and stretching. Plus, you won’t be able to stop sniffing the invigorating scent of Gain.

When to Use Fabric Softener

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a cloud of softness and freshness? Of course you want to give all your fabrics irresistible softness and an amazing scent, but there are some fabrics that should avoid fabric softener— absorbent fabrics, water-repellent fabrics, and flame-resistant fabrics.

It is also good to know what you are looking for. Gain Fabric Softeners adapt to your needs—from lighter to stronger scents, Gain has it all. So when looking for your next fabric softener, always think about the smell you would want to take everywhere.

How to Use Fabric Softener

  1. Measure the amount indicated in the bottle depending on your load size.

  2. Pour your Gain Fabric Softener into your washing machine softener dispenser.

  3. Enjoy softer laundry with the fantastic fresh Gain scent.

Front-loader washer

For front-loader washers: Just add the recommended amount of Gain Fabric Softener to the dispenser or detergent drawer. To make it easier, read your washing machine instructions to learn which dispenser is made for fabric softener and which one is made for your laundry detergent.

Top-loader washer

For top-loader washers: Measure the recommended amount of Gain Fabric Softener into the dispenser often found in the middle of the washing machine. It will be released during the spin cycle to give your fabrics softness and freshness.

Automatic loader washer

Automatic loader washer: For automatic dispensers, measure the suggested amount in the bottle and pour into the dispenser at the same time you add your detergent. The fabric softener dispenser will pour Gain fabric conditioner evenly during the spin cycle.

No dispenser washer

No dispenser washer: There is always a way to make your laundry softer, even without a fabric softener dispenser. Avoid adding it during the wash cycle since it could wash away the fabric softener. Instead, wait until the rinse cycle and pour it into water pockets to avoid direct contact with fabrics to avoid stains.

Common mistakes

Even if you want to add a softer feel to every fabric, there are some that you should avoid. Like we mentioned before, not all fabrics will benefit from fabric softener.

Workout clothes are made to make sweat dry faster, but with fabric softener, the fabric pores can get clogged, which make them lose their effectiveness.

When it comes to towels, we also recommend avoiding conditioner since it makes them lose their absorbent properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct way to use fabric softener?

The trick is knowing when to add fabric softener to the washing machine. It's important to add Gain during the rinse cycle because the wash cycle can clean away the fabric softener. Just be sure to pour it into water pockets, avoiding direct contact with clothes, to prevent any chance of stains.

Can you put fabric softener straight into the washing machine?

No, fabric softener needs to be diluted with water. Tossing fabric softener directly into the drum of the washer can stain your clothes.

When should you use fabric softener?

To give your fabrics incredible softness and scent, use fabric softeners. But not all fabrics benefit from the use of fabric softeners. Try to avoid using them on absorbent fabrics, water-repellent fabrics, and flame-resistant fabrics.

Where do you put fabric softener in a washing machine?

Find the fabric softener dispenser in your washer and add before starting your washing cycle. If your washer doesn’t have a fabric softener dispenser, wait until the rinse cycle then add it to a pocket of water.

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