Gain Relax In-Wash Laundry Scent Booster

Help your nose achieve true enlightment with the tranquil scent of Gain Relax Fireworks Scent Booster. The subtly exotic fragrance will give your laundry a scent serenity that lasts and lasts.

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Gain Relax In-Wash Laundry Scent Booster

Product details

One amazing scent

Empty your mind and free your nose with the serene scent of Gain Relax. One whiff and you'll be cast away to a deserted island of the soul, where the tranquil tropical scent will wash away your cares and leave you drifting on a wave of pure contentment.

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How to use Gain scent booster

Features & Benefits

  • SNIFFS THAT LAST — Keeps your clothes smelling irresistibly, gotta-sniff-it-again fresh for up to 12 weeks from wash until wear.

  • READY, SET, SMELL — AromaBoost technology activates as you move, releasing a fresh burst of scent with every touch.

  • READY FOR ANYTHING — Safe for use with regular washer and high-efficiency washers, in hot and cold water, with all types of fabric, all kinds of loads, and all colors. (Just make sure to always use it with laundry detergent!)