Gain Fresh Water Sparkle Fabric Softener

The scent of springtime mixed with the feeling of springy softness? Cuddly has a new name and it is Gain Fresh Water Sparkle Fabric Softener.

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Gain Fresh Water Sparkle Fabric Softener

Product details

One amazing scent

Ever imagined walking along a riverbank and sniffing the scent of new flowers still wet from spring showers? Well, with Fresh Water Sparkle, you can finally cross that experience off your nose's bucket list.

Works in top and front load washers
Features and Benefits of Gain Fresh Water Sparkle Fabric Softener


  • CUDDLY x TWO — Makes your clothes softer and decreases static, elevating your coziness levels dangerously high.

  • SMELL AMAZINGLY FRESH — Inhale an irresistible boost of freshness that lasts up to 6 weeks from wash until wear.

  • READY, SET, SMELL — AromaBoost technology activates as you move, releasing a fresh burst of scent with every touch.

  • HE COMPATIBLE — Safe for use with regular washer and high-efficiency washers.

  • EARTH-FRIENDLY — Made with 100% renewable wind power electricity, this liquid wonder-worker is good for your clothes AND the environment.