Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener

If your family likes hugs, then Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener is made for you. Get that snuggly-wuggly sensation, all on top of a fragrance made for you and your crew.

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Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener

Product details

One amazing scent

A big crew needs a big scent. Fresh Splash is designed with families in mind, with a perfect mixture of scintillating scents that'll rock your family's noses.

Works in top and front load washers
Features and Benefits of Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener


  • CUDDLY x TWO — Makes your clothes softer and decreases static, elevating your coziness levels dangerously high.

  • SMELL AMAZINGLY FRESH — Inhale an irresistible boost of freshness that lasts up to 6 weeks from wash until wear.

  • READY, SET, SMELL — AromaBoost technology activates as you move, releasing a fresh burst of scent with every touch.

  • HE COMPATIBLE — Safe for use with regular washer and high-efficiency washers.

  • EARTH-FRIENDLY — Made with 100% renewable wind power electricity, this liquid wonder-worker is good for your clothes AND the environment.