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Fight Dirty, Smell Fresh

Fight Dirty, Smell Fresh

Get the scent intensity of Gain Moonlight Breeze, the awesome cleaning power of Oxi Boost, and the even more ahhhmazing odor-removing capabilities of Febreze in one small, but thoroughly efficient laundry pac.

Designed to give you outstanding results in both regular and high-efficiency washing machines, Gain Flings dissolve in all water temperatures, leaving behind no residue, only impeccably clean clothes and a delightful freshness.

In addition, the powerful Oxi Boost effectively attacks even two-weeks old stains with the combination of built-in pre-treaters, surfactants, and enzymes, while targeting tough set-in odors deep down in clothing fibers.

What's more, equipped with 50% more scent than regular Gain powder detergent, Gain Flings now give you up to six weeks of tempting freshness from wash to wear.

Fight Dirty, Smell Fresh

A Scent You Can Wear All Day Long

Dominated by notes of enchanting red and blackberries, the intense-smelling laundry pacs of Gain Moonlight Breeze will seduce your nose, wash after wash.

Packed with the romantic scent of a glamorous date night, Gain Moonlight Breeze infuses your clothes with tiny perfume capsules that activate as you move, so you'll smell irresistibly fresh all throughout your day.

A Scent You Can Wear All Day Long

The Same Scent in Everything Laundry

Take your laundry experience to the next level when you dive nose first into the world of Gain! Gain is the only laundry brand that can give you the same scent throughout the entire wash!

Whether you’re sniffing around for a detergent, a fabric softener, scent boosters, or dryer sheets, we have the scents you’ll swoon over, especially when you use the same scent from start to finish!


Add Gain Flings to the bottom of the washing machine drum.

Add Gain Fireworks for more scent, then put your dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Add fabric softener to your machine’s softener compartment.

After the laundry cycle has run its course, add Gain dryer sheets in the matching scent.


The Same Scent in Everything Laundry

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I absolutely love this product. I have used many detergents, gain has always been the brand I go back to. Then they came out with the awesome little flings, them little things are so convenient and this sent is the best sent I have ever had for my detergent. I wish they made this sent in a dryer sheet!!!

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I love the Moonlight Breeze scented Gain for my laundry. It cleans and freshens my clothes and keeps them smelling fresh for weeks.

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This product smells so nice and keeps my blankets smelling amazing for weeks after they’ve been washed.

Originally Posted On influenster.com