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Comfortable clothing does wonders for your mood. That's why we developed Gain fabric softeners, which leave your clothes soft and smelling great!
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  • Fiercely Fresh Fabric Softener

    Can’t get enough of the great smell of Gain? Try Gain's scent-iest scent. Immerse yourself in the intense freshness of Gain's Fiercely Fresh Fabric Softener. It's intensely soft and oh-so-good smelling, so each time you walk into a room, you’ll knock everyone’s socks off with the ultimate freshness. Thanks to our perfume capsules, your clothes will release delightful scents all day long, so you can feel fresh and free for longer. When it comes to Fiercely Fresh, "smell ya later!" is a good thing, because Gain Liquid Fabric Enhancer stays great-smelling for up to 12 weeks from when you washed them.

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  • Gain Original Fabric Softener

    Smells great and gets your clothes super soft. This fabric softener is liquid amazing.

    Armed with our innovative Aromaboost™ technology for weeks of lasting freshness*, Gain Original Fabric Softener is a force to reckon with. Whether you’re seeking gentle softness or crisp, outdoor freshness that lasts for weeks on end, Gain Original Fabric Softener will give you a truly indulent experience.

    *from wash until wear

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    $1.99-$10.99 MSRP
    Price may vary
  • Gain Moonlight Breeze Fabric Softener

    Indulge your senses with Gain Moonlight Breeze Fabric Softener, and enjoy the scent of a warm hug under the moonlight for weeks on end. Enhanced with our innovative Aromaboost technology, it will give you the long-lasting freshness and invigorating scent experience you crave so much.

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  • Gain Eco-Box Liquid Fabric Softener

    Nose-pleasing freshness, irresistible softness in a smarter packaging. With Gain Original Liquid Fabric Softener in its brand new Gain Original Eco-Box packaging you can get the most amazing scent known to your nostrils while produced with less plastic and water.

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  • Gain Blue Blossom Fabric Softener

    Make even your nose smile with Gain Blue Blossom Fabric Softener. Envelop yourself with your happiest memories and the amazing scent of white florals and the soft crispness of a blue sky day. Enjoy how the freshness and the exciting scent experience lasts up to 6 weeks from wash until wear.

  • Gain Sunflower Fresh Fabric Softener

    Warm as the sun and fresh as summer breeze – this is the new Gain Sunflower Fresh Fabric Softener. Envelop yourself with delicate softness as soon as your clothes come out the dryer, and enjoy how the uplifting freshness and invigorating scent lasts up until 6 weeks from wash until wear.