Gain Original Fabric Softener Sheets


GAIN ORIGINAL SCENT—the smell you know and love from Gain

SMELL AMAZINGLY FRESH—irresistible boost of freshness with Gain Original Scent

EXTRA SOFTNESS—leaves your clothes incredibly soft

SAY GOODBYE TO STATIC—enjoy the fantastic feel of static-free laundry

ENJOY FEWER WRINKLES—fewer wrinkles and long-lasting freshness

Packaging with Gain Original fabric softener sheets


Add a new sheet on top of clothes at start of drying. Do not reuse.

Caution: WARNING: Do not use this product: On children's sleepwear or garments labeled as flame resistant as it may reduce flame resistance; On garments made with fluffier fabrics containing cotton (such as fleece and terry cloth) as it may increase the flammability of these fabrics.

The Same Scent in Everything Laundry

Take your laundry experience to the next level when you dive nose first into the world of Gain! __Gain is the only laundry brand that can give you the same scent throughout the entire wash process! __

The Same Scent in Everything Laundry

Add Gain Flings to the bottom of the washing machine drum.

Add Gain Fireworks for more scent, then put your dirty clothes in the washing machine.

Add Fabric Softener to your machine's softener compartment.

After the laundry cycle has run its course, add Gain dryer sheets in the matching scent.