Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener Sheets

Kick static to the curb and lock in the freshness with Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener Sheets. Made for cuddle monsters and snuggle bunnies alike.

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Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener Sheets

Product details

One amazing scent

A big crew needs a big scent. Fresh Splash is designed with families in mind, with a perfect mixture of scintillating scents that'll rock your family's noses.

One amazing scent
How to use Gain Fresh Water Sparkle Fabric Softener Sheets


  • SMELL AMAZINGLY FRESH — Inhale an irresistible boost of freshness

  • CUDDLY SOFTNESS — Leaves your clothes incredibly soft

  • BYE-BYE STATIC — Enjoy the fantastic feel of static-free laundry

  • WINK OUT WRINKLES — Fewer wrinkles and long-lasting freshness