How to Wash Dishes By Hand

After the simple joy of a lovely dinner the last thing you want to do is spend hours doing the dishes, right?

But who said it can’t be fun? Especially, if you are a scent lover. With your favorite Gain scent filling the air, it’s no longer a chore. Just inhale the invigorating scent of Gain, instead of that funky dishwater smell, and think of everything you’ll enjoy doing when that pile of dirty dishes is squeaky clean. (But think quick, as Gain will have it done in no time with its grease-fighting power.) These easy steps will help guide you through how to hand wash dishes in a fast and delightfully scented way.

What You’ll Need:

  • Gain Dish Soap

  • Dish brush

  • Dish scrubber

  • Dish cloth/sponge

  • Drying rack or tea towel

  • Dirty dishes

  • Rubber gloves

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Hand Wash Dishes Properly

  1. Choose the delicious Gain scent that you prefer. Whether it's Gain OriginalLemon Zest or Gain Honeyberry Hula Liquid Dish Soap that you love the most, washing the dishes by hand will be a joy for scent-lovers with Gain's range of scents. Gain can even help you discover the right Gain scent for you.

  2. Scrape any food scraps into the bin, and pour liquids down the drain. Start to soak any pans with dried-on bits.

  3. Have all your dirty dishes on one side of the sink and the drying rack on the other side. Wipe the empty sink down and plug the drain.

  4. Pop on some rubber gloves to help keep your skin from getting pruney.

  5. Run hot water and add your favorite Gain Dish Soap to create bubbly soapy water. You want hot water because this will fight through oils. Fill the sink about 2/3 full. Alternatively, you can simply add your favorite Gain Dish Liquid directly onto a wet sponge instead of filling the sink.

  6. Wash from cleanest to dirtiest, usually that’s: glasses, dishes, pots, followed by pans. Wash any items you’ve been soaking last, to give the dried-on bits enough time to loosen. This will make life easier.

  7. As you go, put a few things in the sink to soak for a few minutes. Then scrub it, give it a quick rinse with hot running water, and set it aside on the drying rack.

  8. Eventually you’ll get to dirtier items, which may require a bit more elbow grease to scrub.

  9. Once you’re done, pull out the plug and let the sink drain. Give the sink a quick clean.

  10. Leave the dishes to dry for a few hours, or dry them with a tea towel. If you’ve used hot water to rinse the dishes, they will dry sooner as the hot water will steam right off.

Now you know how to hand wash dishes with a Gain scent, you may find yourself dirtying dishes just so you can wash them again!