Gain Liquid Fabric Softener

Gain liquid fabric softener gives you the Gain scent you love, in a fabric softener that makes your clothes softer and less static-y. Is stactic-y even a word? Probably not. But you won’t care, because you’ll be too busy burying your face in soft, great-smelling laundry thanks to Gain liquid fabric softener.

Softness 'n Scent

Gain Fabric Softener helps make your clothing softer, decreases static and adds more amazing Gain scent. For something so soft, it sure works hard!

Scent that Lasts

Perfume Micro Capsules are the secret in each pac. They break and release scent during regular wear for fresh scent all day. Science never smelled so good!

2 Weeks of Whiffs

Use with Gain Laundry Detergent and keep your laundry smelling great even after 2 weeks. Mark your calendar with lots of smiles.