Laundry Safety Tips

Keep Gain flings and other detergent products out of the reach of children.

Laundry detergent pacs may be harmful if swallowed and can irritate eyes. If an incident occurs, call Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222 or Emergency 911) or seek medical attention.

Stay safe and smell fantastic.

We all want incredible-smelling laundry. But when it comes to your family, safety should always come first. That's why we put together these easy tips. Just follow the list below and your laundry room will be as amazing as the scent on your shirt.

A Clean Routine

Make sure your laundry room is safe. Check out this short video for some easy tips and great advice.


  • In addition to keeping products out of reach of children, keep products in their original container, with the label intact.

  • After each use, close the container completely and immediately put products away in their appropriate storage location

During Use

  • Follow all recommended product instructions, and pay particularly close attention to all 'Caution', 'Warning', 'Danger', or 'Poison' statements

  • To prevent pacs from dissolving before use, you should always close the package and handle with dry hands

  • Clean up immediately after any spills that may occur

  • Be sure to wash your hands after doing laundry, as well as any utensils you use to dispense or measure products

  • Aim to take care of laundry and other cleaning chores during your child's downtime (such as naptime), to help ensure your attention is not diverted while using laundry and cleaning products to help avoid unintended exposure


  • Follow the recommended product disposal information that is indicated on the label

  • Never use empty detergent containers for storage of any other materials, especially for anything intended for human consumption

If an Incident Occurs

Unintended exposure with laundry products usually causes no serious medical effects. If an incident occurs, act quickly and contact the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) or a doctor immediately.

  • If in eye(s), rinse immediately with plenty of water for 15 minutes and seek medical advice, as needed.

  • If on skin or clothing, remove contaminated clothing and rinse skin well with water.

  • If swallowed, drink a glass of water or milk.

Following these steps will help to keep your home as safe as possible. Know what to do before unintended exposure happens. Read product safety Information provided on the package.

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