The Power of Gain Scent

Fragrance: It’s famous. It’s seductive. It’s serious. And if you know Gain, you know that we take scent seriously. Super-duper seriously.

Fragrance is also extremely emotional and creates a sense of yearning. Like a yearning for the aftershave of the one that got away, enjoying fresh mangos in grandpa’s garden, or for just one more hint of that salty summer breeze from last year’s vacation… Gain is the scent of fresh and soft washed clothes, a clean home, and of a job well done. We believe in sniffing life to the fullest.

So indulge in a scent that’s loved by millions and millions with Gain’s range of scent-full laundry detergents, scent boosters, fabric softeners, dryer sheets and home cleaners.

What Your Favorite Scent Reveals About You

Your favorite scent will reveal whether you’re fun-loving and relaxed, or sultry and sophisticated. Ready for spring, or hanging for fall. Love holidays by the beach, or prefer to explore a tropical rainforest. Would go for something floral and fruity, or always choose something zesty and tangy.

Take a whiff of Gain’s signature scents and express yourself through your choice of perfulicious Gain product.

Gain Signature Scents

Now, you can get Gain matching scents, so enjoy your favorite laundry scent throughout your home as well. It gives “a match made in heaven” a whole new meaning. Whether you are an Original Gain-ster, Moonlight Breeze lover or Tropical Sunrise fanatic – matching your favorite scent across the range of Gain products makes your clothes (and home) smell that much more irresistibly amazing. Your nose will thank you later.

Gain Original Scent

The cool crisp scent that started it all. Gain Original Scent is the original ahhhmazing scent. Get it in liquid and powder laundry detergent, Gain Flings laundry detergent pacs, liquid fabric softener, Gain Fireworks scent boosters, dryer sheets, Dish Soap, and in homecare products, too. If Gain Original Scent is your favorite, then your nose knows that you need to enjoy this fragrance every step of the way. Gain Original is the scent of a job well done.

Gain Moonlight Breeze Scent

A breath of fresh moonlit air. Gain Moonlight Breeze Scent is a light, delightful scent that will invigorate you with energy. If this is your signature scent then match your liquid and powder laundry detergent, Gain Flings laundry detergent pacs, Gain Fireworks scent booster, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and Dish Soap. You’ll be over the moon with how scent-full your clothes are, and your dishes will sparkle like stars, too.

Gain Island Fresh Scent

Welcome to scent paradise. Gain Island Fresh Scent will take your nose on the vacation of its dreams through the alluring aroma of exotic fruits and flowers. Get aboard Gain Travel Agency’s plane and let us transport you to an island of freshness, where clothes are clean like the ocean and fabrics are soft as sand. For a never-ending scent-vacation in the comfort of your home, get Gain Island Fresh in liquid and powder detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, Dish Soap and homecare products, and make your place an island of fragrant lushness!

Gain Tropical Sunrise Scent

Take your nose on a tropical getaway. Gain Tropical Sunrise Scent is for those who want a fresh beach breeze throughout their clothes and home. It’s the scent of a brand new day that unfolds on a gorgeous island. With Gain Tropical Sunrise Scent, Gain Flings laundry detergent pacs, Gain Fireworks scent booster, liquid fabric softener, and dryer sheets are a scent-cation for your nose. And remember, your nose knows best!

P.S. With Gain Flings you get 50% more of the amazing scent that lasts and lasts (vs. Gain powder), so if you want extra scent in an easy-to-use pac, then pamper your clothes and your nose with Gain Flings.