Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster

Love the scent of Gain detergent, but wish you could somehow add even more of that great scent? When you meet what we’ve got for you, you’ll feel… fireworks. Gain Fireworks, to be exact. They’re scent beads that give your clothes an extra boost of scent. The more scent beads you add, the more amazing your laundry smells. It works with your favorite Gain Detergent – Just shake the scent beads directly into the drum of your washer before your clothes.


Perfume Micro Capsules are the secret in each pac. They break and release scent during regular wear for fresh scent all day. Science never smelled so good!


Find your perfect match when you get the matching scent for all your laundry needs. Now that's love!

A Whole Season of Sniffin'

These scent beads give you up to 12 weeks* of amazing scent in every load of laundry. That's right: A Sniffer's Dozen.

*Out of storage.

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