Mix & Match Your Favorite Scents of Laundry Detergents and Softeners

When your goal is to have the best smelling laundry anywhere, you need to explore the many matching scents Gain has to offer. Choose a detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and scent beads, all with the same scent! When you use the same scent throughout your whole laundry process, you’re guaranteed an amazing-smelling result! Read on to discover the best smelling detergent and softener combination you’ve ever experienced!

Scent Paradise

Take a look at our super-sniffable product range and give your nose a breather. Find the Gain scent that matches your personality, and use it throughout the laundry process. From wash to drying, the matching scents of Gain ensure your laundry smells just the way you love it!

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How to Get the Best Smelling Laundry

You want to take your laundry experience to the next level? Here’s how you do it!

Step 1: Pick your Gain Scent

First, take a sniff of our long lasting scented laundry detergents, and then pick the one that smells the best for you, and stick to it throughout the wash. That means choosing your Gain fabric softener, dryer sheets, and scent boosters from the same scent variety.

Step 2: Add Detergent

Once you’ve picked a scent, it’s time to decide which format you’ll choose from Gain’s colorful laundry detergent variety, made up of laundry pacsliquids, and powder detergents. Whatever you choose, the result will be great smelling laundry.

How to Dose Your Choice of Gain Detergent

Using Gain flings! laundry pacs, throw one pac into your washing machine for small and medium loads, two pacs for large loads, and three pacs for extra-large loads.

If you’re washing with Gain liquid detergent, fill the measuring cap between the second and third bar for medium loads, and above bar four in case of large loads.

As for our most fragrant powder laundry detergents, one scoopful is enough to give your clothes two weeks of freshness. Just add it to your detergent drawer, and you’re all set!

Step 3: Add Scent Boosters

Grab your bottle of Gain Fireworks in-wash laundry scent boosters, and shake a little (or a lot of) scent beads into the cap, then toss them into the washer.

Step 4: Put Clothes into the Machine

Place your smelly, dirty garments into the washing machine.

Step 5: Add Fabric Softener

Measure out the correct amount of Gain fabric softener using the cap (fill to lower line for medium loads, middle line for large loads, or the upper line for extra-large loads), and add it to your machine’s softener compartment. Choose the cycle based on the recommendation on the fabric care label, and start your wash.

Step 6: Dry Your Clothes

Finally, after the laundry cycle has run its course, add a Gain dryer sheet in the matching scent on top of your clothes at the start of drying.

Now all you have to do is to dress up, go out, and let the world know how good your clothes smell!