ADP - US - 7 Reasons Long-Lasting Laundry Fragrance is Important

You don’t have to call yourself a scent-fanatic to know that certain scents can have a positive effect on your life. Just imagine the difference between smelling your laundry basket pre-wash and afterwards. Which one do you prefer? Thought so! Scents are powerful – that’s the simple premise that keeps the perfume industry growing and growing. Luckily, you don’t have to buy expensive fragrances if you want to smell great all day, have a positive effect on those around you, and enjoy the dazzling smell of your home and laundry.

To find out why smells are so important, read on scent-lovers:

  • Scents are linked to memories. That’s why certain smells can take us back to happy childhood memories. The smell of our favorite meals being cooked can remind us of grandma’s kitchen, while the whiff of a fragrant breeze can tell us that spring is in the air. There’s even that saying that nothing smells like laundry done by mom.

  • Scents, such as perfume and aftershave, can make us feel like we’ve put on an all-important finishing touch. These scents often remind us of emotional connections too, that’s why smelling the aftershave of someone walking by can remind us of our partners, or the one that got away. Scents associated with strong emotions like love, we might never forget.

  • For relaxation, scents such as lavender, bergamot and sandalwood can help us unwind and alleviate stress.

  • Scents can be used to boost your mood, as well. Lemon, jasmine, vanilla and citrus will all work wonders on your spirit.

How to Get a Long-Lasting Laundry Scent

So, now you know why you’ve needed long-lasting scent in your life this whole time. It’s good to know that Gain can help make you happy each time you wash clothes and clean your home. Of course, you also want that fresh scent to last and last… Gain has this ahhhmazing scent technology, which sounds complicated, but for you it’s super easy. Gain’s laundry detergents include perfume capsules, which release that Gain fragrance you love over time as you move. That means the Gain scent lasts even longer, because as you wear your clothes, the Gain scent capsules release even more delightful Gain fragrance, so the scent follows you as you sashay through life. For an even longer-lasting laundry smell, do your laundry with Gain Flings. Gain Flings have extraordinary perfume technology in each little pac. It’s designed to give your nostrils an amazing scent experience for even longer. Gain Flings have 50% more scent compared to regular Gain powder detergents, ensuring your clothes come out smelling even more amazing. Throw one pac into your washing machine for small and medium loads, two pacs for large loads, and three pacs for extra-large loads. After you’ve placed the required number of pacs into your washer, fill it up with your laundry and turn the machine on. It’s as simple as that! If you want to be known − simply because of the scent of your clothes − as the True Gainiac in your circles, don’t hesitate to further enhance your laundry’s fragrance with Gain’s in-wash scent boosters! Not only do you want a long-lasting laundry smell BUT you also want to pick the scent that perfectly matches your personality. Find the right Gain scent for you, whether it’s the perfect duo of Gain Flings Scent Duets Wildflower & Waterfall or the reliable and unforgettable smell of Gain Original Scent. Now that you know why scent is so important in your life, and you know how to get a long-lasting fragrance washed through all of your clothes, all you have to do is enjoy it for longer.