You Should Be Dancing: 5 Ways to Dance Every Day

Taking moments out during the day to turn up the tunes and get moving fills me with joy. No matter what we are doing - the simple act of turning the volume up and letting loose for three minutes reignites a feeling that cannot be beat. It quickens my heartbeat, and reminds me what a great life this is. Whether I'm coming home from school with the kids, cleaning hardwood floors, or just living life... dancing to our favorite tunes makes my family rejoice in our everyday life.

One of my favorite times to do this is when we are driving around town. Blasting a favorite family song is a sure fire way to cure any car wiggles or whines that may come up. It's my number one trick to turn a backseat fit into a complete joy fest! We've even had friends see our car on the road, literally bouncing from the in-seat dancing happening inside. They could not stop smiling at the simple pleasure of a rocking car making good use of a long red light.

It is a daily tradition to listen to our favorite music while making dinner at night. It help everyone wait that few extra minutes while we finish the meal, and gives us all the boost we need to manage our chaotic evening routine. Often, Matt will grab our girl and start swinging her around while I sauté the veggies. It's moments like these that inspire me to press play everyday.

This joy trick works just as well when I am alone. Laundry day has never been a favorite, but blasting a new song through headphones as I make the bed turns the chore into an event for me. It's a chance to rock out, sing my heart out, jump on the bed, and enjoy the everyday that is my life as a mom. Using Gain’s wonderful smelling fabric softener makes my sheets extra comfy for those inevitable bed dance falls and they always smell great while I’m landing.

And then there's the everyday spontaneous dance party that happens. Although as parents we've been in the habit of cranking the tunes for years, it's so fun to see our kids start jumping in and following suit. Many times during the day my daughter will just grab her wand and start twirling, or belt out the song that pops in her head. Nothing elicits that deep sense of joy in me more than seeing my child excitedly dancing around the room.

My husband and I also have a sneaky way of fitting this moment of joy into our own lives, sans kids. While inevitably waiting for our table on date night (because we are parents and forgot to make a reservation again!) in the middle of the packed lobby with buzzer in hand, he grabs me and pulls me near. And the music in the lobby becomes our melody and we dance and I could be anywhere in the world at that moment because dancing, and music and joy are so present in that moment making me love my everyday.