What Your Folding Style Says About You

From Gainiac Blogger: http://www.girlsgonechild.net/

Whether you’re packing for a trip or folding laundry on your bed (or wherever you happen to fold laundry) everyone has a particular folding style and, believe it or not, that style says more about who you are than, well, pretty much anything. (Okay not really, but it certainly says SOMETHING. I think. Maybe.) Here is a quiz for your soul. (Don’t forget to keep track of your answers as you go!)

1. You find a pair of socks and they’re a match! Do you…

  1. Fold them together

  2. Tie them together

  3. Bunch them together

  4. Marvel at the fact that you have two socks that match

2. Your jeans are fresh out of the dryer! Do you…

  1. Smell them first! Then fold them lengthwise.

  2. Smell them first! Then fold them into a square.

  3. Skip the folding and hang them on the rack. And then smell them on the rack!

  4. Inhale their sweet aromatic scent before pushing them into a crowded drawer

3. Look! Your favorite hoodie! Oh how you’ve missed it while it was in the hamper all these days! Lucky for you, it’s clean and fresh and smells like rainbows and delight. Do you…

  1. Tuck the hood and fold it into a square.

  2. Fold it lengthwise, hood and all

  3. Hang it from the hood on a hook in your closet

  4. Wear it fresh out of the clothes dryer because there is nothing better in the world than that feeling when it’s all warm and fresh and cozy and home sweet home.

4. Underwear. Am I right? Especially the thongs. Folding tiny underwear feels totally strange. Anyway… You’re folding your underwear, do you…

  1. Fold it into a tiny little underwear square to be put in a pile with other underwear squares.

  2. Fold lengthwise and call it a day

  3. Bunch into a ball. It’s underwear, after all. (That rhymed.)

  4. Slingshot it across the room like old times.

5. The buzzer goes off. The t-shirts are DONE. It’s time to put all those years working in retail to WORK! Do you…

  1. Fold down the middle and fold the sleeves toward the fold.

  2. Fold into perfect square.

  3. Roll shirt like a tootsie roll.

  4. Fold it in your own special magic folding way that you learned from yourself.

If you answered:

Mostly As. Congratulations! You are ON IT. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to tackle it, hoodie on (or off!) There is no task too large (or awkward to fold) that you cannot master. You’re organized and in charge and capable of anything you set your hand (and mind) to.

Mostly Bs. You are a unicorn – a combo of brains and brawn, rights and lefts. You cut corners when you need to but always take care of business. You keep a tight ship but keep things loose as well. Dig it.

Mostly Cs. I like you, Mostly Cs. You do things a little differently and don’t stress the small stuff. You do what you’ve got to do to get it done even when it’s annoying/menial/chore-like. You’ve always taken the road less folded by and that has made all the difference.

Mostly Ds. You’re the kind of person who goes with it. You find joy in the mundane and I would like to hang out with you ASAP. Are you busy next Saturday? Anyway, you’re the kind of person who listens to yourself. Who doesn’t care if her shirts are wrinkled and her socks are mismatched. You are an easygoing sort who takes pride in… things other than laundry folding. Which I totally appreciate. High five/air guitar.