What type of hostess are you?

You can tell a lot about who you are from the scents you find yourself relating to. Take our simple scent-to-hostess quiz to figure out what type of hostess you are, and what elements will make your next party a raving success! Answer the questions below, keeping a tally as you go:

1) Which baked goodie can you smell from a mile away?

  1. Rich Chocolate Cake

  2. Peach Cobbler

  3. Fresh Baked Bread

2) When a bouquet is placed on the table, which flower excites you the most?

  1. Roses

  2. Dandelions

  3. Tulips

3) What is your favorite of nature's Spring accessories?

  1. Flower petals floating in the air

  2. A puddle to jump in

  3. A rainbow

4) Which Gain Scent Booster; for your washing machine appeals to you the most?

  1. Sweet Swizzle

  2. Moonlight Breeze

  3. Original Fireworks

5) What are your favorite shoes to wear to a party?

  1. Vintage boots

  2. Sandals

  3. Stilettos

6) What Cocktail party playlist inspires you the most?

  1. Vintage Jazz played on your collection of vinyl of course.

  2. Playlist? It’s much more likely your guests will pick up the guitars resting against the wall and make their own music.

  3. The carefully curated online music station you’ve titled “Cocktail Parties”.

Tally up your letters and whichever you had the most of, read on below

Mostly a's - You are a sweet and romantic hostess. When it comes to gathering friends you tend towards small, thoughtful gatherings, and more intimate affairs. An afternoon picnic with a close friend is perfect for you to host! Invite a couple of your nearest and dearest. Make sure to pack a sweet cake and plenty of forks to share. Grab the vintage blanket lining your bed for seating, and repurpose a thermos filled with sweet drinks to pass around and share.

Mostly b's - You are a free spirit hostess. Your parties are most often spontaneous and can quickly change form. You easily go with the flow and have no worries sending a guest out to get more ice if needed for the bar. Host an outdoor movie night to quench your need for an unstructured, but always-fun event. Set up inner tubes filled with ice outside for the bar and spread out canvas drop clothes and colorful pillows for seats. Be sure to have a s'more fire pit nearby for treats. Projecting a video on the side of the house allows guests to chat, watch, or dance in the back of the yard when the moment is right.

Mostly c's - You are a bright and perky hostess. You love throwing parties and want everyone who comes to have a blast! You aim to please and design each detail of your events to be just so. To shake things up a bit (but still remain a gracious host) plan a seasonal sit down dinner. Take cues from the local floral market and set small arrangements in Julep cups on the table, plus a few larger ones in urns around the room. Find a bright and fun fabric to lay down as your tablecloth, just cut enough yards to hang about 6 inches on each side. Take your favorite elements of the season to incorporate throughout the meal. Cinnamon sprinkled on the desserts in fall, or eatable flowers floating in the soup to welcome spring - Your guests will be thrilled and talk for weeks about the perfect details you provided.