Unusual Tips for Adding Your Favorite Scents

We've all got favorite smells. The smell of baked goods, a new cologne, and some oddballs even put Gain dryer sheets in the glovebox of their car. Nice! To each his own! Whatever the smell, we all have a few scents capable of a powerful, uplifting effect over us.

The world doesn’t always hand us our favorite smells on perfumed platter. But why wait for that joy?

We don't need fate to provide us with the roses to stop and smell. Here are some unusual ideas that may not have occurred to you (because you're a sane person) for adding joy-inducing smells to everyday life.

Perfume Your Lip/Mustache

It’s easy to get down on life if you aren’t vigilant about your own happiness. But what if you could subtly improve each moment with an instant reminder of happiness. Well, it’s easy! Just take your favorite childhood smell and put it on your upper lip. Enjoy the smell of eucalyptus? Grab some oil and douse your mustache. Love the smell of lavender? Crush it in your fingers and swipe it under your nose. Instant joy!

Augment Your Pillow with Deliciousness

Soak your pillowcase in your fruit juice. Heck, if you feel like taking a swig all you have to do is wring out the fabric for a quick sip. Be warned though, you could end up with a newly-colored complexion depending on the fruit you select.

Lace the Rim of your Coffee Mug

The creators of the ice cream cone were onto something when they dipped their cones in chocolate. Why not add something fun to your morning coffee cup? It could be anything from cotton candy to lemon custard. As long as it stays, you’ve got happy days. Sure, the tastes may not match up but if you play your cards right the beautiful surprise of the two different sensations may wake you up even faster!

Revitalize a Worn-out Car Freshener

Listen, sometimes kids can get pretty stinky. We aren’t saying they are any less cute when they smell like a skunk sanctuary, but they certainly can dull the desire to be around them. Grab a couple car fresheners and sew them in their pockets or sleeves. Why fight over taking a bath when you could help your kids smell like pine needles and bubble gum instantly!

Make Your Smartphone a Scentphone

How many times a day do you put your phone up to your face? About 11 fafillion, right? That’s what we thought. Well, you’re wasting an opportunity if you don’t jump on this opportunity to coat your phone. We suggest baking a phone case out of brownie mix or pancakes. We can’t think of a more shock-proof technology than a smartphone case made of waffles. Plus, it’s a last minute snack. Don’t forget the maple syrup ear buds!

You see, you can add your own "potpourri" to life. And put it wherever you want; the places your face most frequents. It's A-Okay if it's less cinnamon and dead flowers and more bacon bits and nacho cheese chips. Whatever makes your heart and nose happy.