The Nostril Expander

Imagine. What if you could take a normal whiff of a good smell and amplify it into a smellnado? We've got binoculars for our eyes, headphones for our ears and seasoning for our tongues, but what of the delights of the nose?

Nostrilizers could be your discreet, scent-enhancing friends, snuggling comfortably in each of your nostrils! All without the embarrassment of other clunky nostril expanding products, designed for problems with snoring, and visible from outer space.

The concept behind Nostrilizers is really simple. 1 x 2 = 2! It doesn't take a mathematical rocket surgeon to know that TWO is twice as good as only ONE of a good thing.

It's pretty common for people's noses to be madly in love with the smell of baking bread, the scent of Gain detergent, the perfume of flowers, you name it, but for everyone with Nostrilizers plugged in, that reason is also always: MORE PLEASE!

The world is filled with so many joyless things we have to do; it's easy to sacrifice the pleasures of life for the demands of the day-to-day. Most people barely have the time to stop and smell the roses, but at least Notrilizers can make it twice as sweet when you do.

Nostrilizers: For the all-good things, it's like the opposite of plugging your nose.


DISCLAIMER: This is not actually a real product, but it really should be, right? If it were a real product, though, caution should be taken around most public restrooms and all manure plants.