Ten Ways You Know Your Day Is Going To Be A Win

From Gainiac Blogger: http://thespohrsaremultiplying.com

The day you graduated. The day you got married. The day your child was born. These are all obvious choices for Best Day Ever, but sometimes the best days are disguised as a regular day of the week. These are the days where the stars align and all those little things go your way. Here are ten ways you know your day is going to be a win.

1. Your kids put their shoes away without being asked.

~ Is there any greater parental satisfaction than your child completing one of their daily chores without any prompting from you?

2. The rain washed your car.

~ Free car wash!

3. Finding money in your pockets before you do laundry.

~ Usually going through the pockets of dirty pants reveals gum wrappers and other bits of paper, but when you find a folded-up dollar bill there's no way your day will go wrong.

4. An unexpected gift leads to hours of fun.

~ A sticker at the bakery or a balloon from the grocery store can lead to all sorts of improvised fun.

5. Grabbing a sweater you'd washed in your mom's laundry soap.

~ Washing comfort items in the Gain detergent your own mom used is a great, unexpected way to get a burst of nostalgia for the days when your mom did all of your laundry. Put that sweater on a take a whiff -it smells like home.

6. You hit green lights all the way to work.

~ And you actually arrive at work early, for once!

7. Find an open parking meter that has time left on it.

~ A parking meter with money on it is like finding a unicorn.

8. A stranger compliments your outfit.

~ Isn't it nice when someone notices the care you put into your appearance?

9. Hearing a song on the radio you haven't heard in years.

~Nothing can transport you back in time like the radio playing an old favorite. Spread the joy and call whoever the song reminds you of, just to tell them hi.

10. You get to the free sample display and grab the last one.

~ Free food and hopefully a delicious new discovery!