Make Your Bed The Place To Be With These 4 Scents

Think about how you begin and end your day: There’s something you’re using every day that could make your days even better, but that you’re probably not paying that much attention to. Before you take a shower and get a cup of coffee, and after you’ve eaten dinner and tucked your kids in for the night. Do you have it yet?

It’s your bed! Often overlooked, your bed is not only a place for resting, but is also a big part of your family’s life. It’s the first thing you feel when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you touch when you go to bed at night. Beds in your home are where impromptu adventures are had, and days are made better.

There are few simple pleasures more relaxing than getting into a soft bed that smells amazing; luckily Gain’s laundry soap can bring that luxury to you no matter how you’re spending time in bed.

Cuddling: What’s more romantic than cuddling in a bed of roses? Gain’s Moonlight Breeze will bring bouquet after bouquet to your bedroom every evening, and set the mood for an evening of romance under the moon.

Making your kids feel better on sick days: Being sick is never fun -- especially when you’re picturing all the fun your friends are having at school while you’re stuck in bed! Help ease your child’s restlessness with the soothing smell of lavender -- it will help your child get the rest they need to start feeling better.

Friday night romance: There’s just something about a tropical scent that can transport you to the islands when you can’t splurge on a plane ticket. Take a romantic beach holiday for two without leaving your room (or having to find a babysitter) with Gain’s exotic Hawaiian Aloha. Every rustle of the sheet will feel like a soothing island breeze.

Building forts with your kids: If your carpentry skills are more popsicle stick picture frame than HGTV, building a fort is the next best thing to a tree house. But wash your kids’ sheets in Gain’s Island Fresh, and it will be that much easier to imagine you’re standing watch against swashbuckling pirate rivals on the island where you keep all ye treasures, aye!