How To Build a Killer Playlist for Doing Chores

No matter what anyone says, cleaning the house can be fun! I have a little trick I use to turn cleaning into a concert-style dance party: I made a chores playlist. I blast my playlist on my stereo or in my headphones, grab my cleaning products, and get to dancing...I mean, CLEANING. Believe me when I say if you make a chores playlist, your housework will FLY by. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips to make a chores playlist that's almost as fun as going to a concert.

Assign songs to each chore

You have to keep it fun and fit the mood of whatever you’re doing:

  ~ Cleaning tile floors: I play show tunes! With my mop in hand, I pretend I’m dancing across the stage on the Great White Way

 ~ Taking out the trash: Pump up some 80s pop/punk music! It’s silly, but it works.

 ~ Laundry: I like music I can groove to when I’m doing the laundry. I get so much joy out of sorting and folding laundry. It’s my zen time!

 ~ Dance Break: Yes, a dance break! You have to keep it fun. Pick something you can shake that booty to.

 ~ Dusting: Choose something with a strong, solid beat that you can wipe...wipe...wipe the dust off the counters to!

 ~ Vacuuming: Something LOUD! That vacuum makes it almost impossible to hear anything, so blast some killer rock n roll! 

Put It On Repeat

Since each song is attached to a chore, put the song on repeat and don't start a new one until you're ready to move onto the next task.  

Race yourself

See how many replays of one song it takes for you to mop the entire kitchen. Try to beat your personal goal (I once mopped my kitchen in one-and-a-half songs a personal best!)

Stay on your toes

I like to put my playlist on "random" so I never know what my next chore is going to be. It helps keep things interesting!

Play it LOUD and sing along!

Pretend you're at a concert and blast your music as loud as you can stand. Sing along - I hear mop handles make excellent microphones!