An Unexpected Way to Get More Joy Out of Your Candles

From Gainiac Blogger:

We all have those candles resting on our shelves. The ones that rarely get lit, and if so, only late in the evenings. I've had a stash of candles on my office table for the last couple months. Pretty smelling candles that just sat there day after day. While working - I had a crazy idea a few weeks ago... I decided to start lighting them. I lit them all. A favorite vanilla candle, a floral smelling pillar, a Febreze Gain original scent candle, and a couple colorful tapers.

At 10 am I lit the candles. The next day at 1pm, when I usually reach for a cup of coffee I lit them instead. The next day just for fun I lit the candles again!

All of a sudden I noticed my mood beginning to shift. My daily joy increasing and my demeanor relaxing! Having great smelling candles in the house is a wonderful way to brighten up the air and the mood in any room. Plus, it makes my ordinary Tuesday feel just a little more special.

For whatever reason we've always left our candles until the evening to light. But let's be honest, unless we are in a blizzard we don't need the candles to see at night - so why not bring them into the light of day!?! Allow them to shine. Allow them to smell like an air freshener and to make our every-days that much better! No need to wait until the work of the day is done, instead enjoy yourself and the lingering scent as you go throughout the day.

I love how the smell keeps me inspired when I'm working on a project, and I adore the sweet sent wafting across the room as I run around with the kids in the afternoon. Daytime candlelight might be my favorite new decor trick - who knew such bliss could be so easy.

Here are a few simple ideas to inspire you to begin light your own candles daily;

1) Collect a handful of bright and tall taper candles to brighten up your desk at work. Place them in simple holders and light whenever you need a quick burst of energy. I swear... they work better than coffee for lifting a mood.

2) Keep a stash of birthday candles nearby to pull out. Next time there is a muffin or sweet to be eaten during the day, stick one in and light it up - maybe even sing a round of, "happy birthday" to no one at all. The tiny gesture turn the momentary treat into a daily celebration.

3) Purchase a set of large white pillar candles. Place them on the mantel to light up the family room while the kid's play. Present the same set on a bright plate when friends come by for coffee earlier in the day. They'll be tickled at sweet scent and pretty light the candles give off.

However you light them, a daytime flicker will bring you a moment of bliss - no matter what else might be happening around you.