5 Awesome Songs To Kick Off Springtime

Music has the power to transport you to another time and place. This fact is incredibly appealing as we -- fingers crossed! -- finish up what may be forever known as “The Longest Freakin’ Winter Ever.” (Seriously, tales will be told of the villainous polar vortex that held us all captive for what feels like decades.)

The same goes for smell. In fact, science has proven that Gain’s great scents make listening to music that much more amazing. With just a press of a play button and a whiff of Gain in the washer and dryer, we can instantly feel the warm sun on our backs, and see trees budding, birds chirping, and our neighbors being in a much better mood now that they’re not shoveling their cars out of five feet of snow.

These five songs make us feel like warmer weather is right around the corner, and are perfect for some of our favorite springtime activities. Whenever they come on, there’s a flutter in our chests, a spring in our steps, and a smile we just can’t contain on our lips.

Pop: Upbeat tempo, choruses that demand you sing along… pop music always means it’s time to have fun! Push play on your favorite pop playlist, and you’ll want to dance out of the door as you leave your house without a jacket on for the first time -- one of our favorite signs that spring and sunshine are finally here.

Electronic Dance Music: There’s always one outfit we can’t wait to break out once the weather cooperates. It has a revered spot in our closet, and we look at it longingly as we push past it to pull out yet another heavy sweater. But the minute it’s warm enough to wear that outfit, we want you to put it on and immediately play your favorite EDM track. Everywhere you go will become a catwalk when the bass drops out and the music builds to a moment perfect for dancing around.

Reggae: April showers may bring May flowers, but until then spring’s downpours can seem more of a nuisance than a blessing. Thankfully children can help us see the unexpected joy of a little rain; I mean, have you seen how much fun a kid can have jumping in a puddle? Put on your wellies and join in on the fun with a playlist full of classic reggae tracks. Nothing says “I don’t have a care in the world” than reggae and dancing in the rain with your kiddos.

Jazz: When the weather gets nicer, there’s really nothing better than getting cozy during an al fresco meal for two. A great easy-listening jazz soundtrack can add to a relaxing evening spent laughing and looking into each other’s eyes over dinner.

Bossnova: This quintessential spring song is light and airy, perfect for a springtime stroll to smell the flowers that are finally budding in your neighborhood. Science has proven that floral scents can improve one’s mood, and appreciating nature finally waking up from a deep winter slumber is a great way to find joy in the everyday. Take in every bloom, sprout or tree bud you see, and sashay like you’re doing the samba in Rio.